Next is Nibiru: All citizens working and making decisions (for levels) about the government (for neighborhood, county/district, state and country).
Because representativeness was the answer for a problem: Not all men can decide what to do with the community resources, for many reasons but the most obviously was: “it’s too expensive organize elections all the time”…

Well, now we have the internet tech, now we can vote trough one click (yes, so cheap and so fast). So, why we still needing a group of leaders to take the control in our name? Why we still born to be governed on 21 century?

Oh, somebody could say: “the people are not ready to take the control” And sure, they would have a point. But, why we don’t start a new system that pushes us to improve our education (specially about management)? A long process (maybe during 50 years in some nations) with only one big goal: get better citizens for a new and stronger democracy.

Nibiru is the tool for pushes us to start that process.

Nibiru is an app, but it’s more than just an app, because it let all citizens ruler, get involve with their community.

Nibiru works on a smartphone that replace the I.D., that means is linked with the official database of the citizen’s country, and that the Government must to provide the smartphone to all of them.

Does It not possible because it’s too expensive? Not really, it’s not expensive because with Nibiru, each citizen will gover his/her country in two ways: doing necessary things for the community, and taking decitions for manage the public resources in the common benefit.

Now, imagine all citizens doing mandatory public duties twice a year; think about how much money the goverment will save with all that non paid work (for example cleaning streets, teaching music or marketing on the community center, painting signals of trafic, repairing official cars, cooking on public hospitals, cleaning public buildings, designing solutions for traffic, etc, etc, etc).

The saved money will paid the cost of each smarphone, and the goverment will have earnings (think, for example, on a professional team working 4 hours per week during three months to improve the number of national turist who visit their state, think about how can impact this kind of job in poor towns).

This way to make politic can reduce the corruption, it helps to create a solidarity network beetween citizens, it helps to reduce the discrimination (because you will have the possibility to work with other people, differents to you, and make friends), and a lot of other social benefits acording with every nation reality.

It’s just a digital sketch, but some its screens will looks like these:


As always, the education is the most important when we are talking about build a better society. Evenmore when we pretend to give people the responsibility to take the control of the community. In consecuence, would be necessary and mandatory for the people who want to use Nibiru, get knowledge about public managment and others related topics.

For our side, it’s ethic and necessary to create a non profit organization to work in favor of the next generations education. How to do it? How to help people learn faster and cheap? Well, our proposal is use the best youtube tutorials around the world, translate them, and -with the authors authorization and maybe with a aliance with youtube- embed them on a own MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) site.


Nibiru is also a consecuence, a product of the research for propose a new politic theory, based on how to build a stronger democracy, focussed on the importance of “power”, thinking on how it impact in all of us, and how we can propose something different about it. It’s possible? we beleave yes, of course it’s possible.


Let’s work together for built a stronger democracy. We all together.