1. The power is inherent to all human beings.

2. All human beings are born free and to govern. None to be excluded from a form of social organization or government.

3. All human beings have the same proportion of power from the moment of conception, as well as the same right and duty to exercise this.

4. Human beings put into practice their power when the community recognizes them as citizens, and allows them to manage the public resources provided by nature and culture.

5. It is the duty of all human beings to educate themselves. And then educate the others in what they have achieved certain mastery or recognition in favor of the community.

6. The community prosperity is the citizen prosperity, and vice versa.

7.  The main function of the State is to ensure that citizens always have the best information, tools and procedures to exercise their power.

8. The State must protect that there is no citizen, group of citizens or whoever wants to, the one who exert more power than the others.

9. Power is not a commodity, it can not be ceded or delegated in favor of something or someone else.

10. The source of power is the reason.


One citizen, one vote one ruler.